A Graveyard Of Elephants [song]

September 15, 2010 · Posted in Lyrics and Explanations, Music · Comment 

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A casual look at the Republican party might make one believe that they are completely unified, utterly in lockstep with no dissension. This view seems to be supported by both the outward-facing messaging, and by the fact that Conservatisms of all kinds tend to be quite organized, disciplined, and intolerant of dissent. The very well managed (particularly in the 1990s and 2000s) organizations and congressional voting policies (institutionalized by Gingrinch and Delay) add further support to this view. Finally, when it comes time to vote, the many factions are very dependable, despite the considerable nose-holding required to vote with the party as a whole.

Dig deeper into the policy discussions and the picture gets considerably more complex and nuanced, as one would expect from any group of sufficient size. The conflicts created by these ideological differences have pulled the US in many different directions over the past few decades, with (an upon first glance) confusing mix of policy decisions which have served to have an often deleterious effect on the country. This song attempts to touch on and summarize each major faction, of which there are four. Many more minor factions and sub-factions could be enumerated, but these four could be considered defining for "modern Republicanism", a set of ideas and policies that this song serves as a thoroughly vituperative tirade against. Each faction gets its own section. Lyrics start with a ">"  and are italicized. Full lyrics without the explanation at the bottom.

From the album "America: 25 years in review."

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