Improving the business climate for startups

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1) A more unified tax and regulatory structure across states; "incorporation shopping" is of questionable value all things considered. This might require more states to be closer to Delaware (especially when it comes to stare decisis), but this is probably a good thing.

2) Universal health care that is paid for through normal taxes. The burden of employee health should not be on employers. This is ridiculous. A higher tax rate and reduced deductions may be necessary, but it beats the pressure and uncertainty forced upon private employers. This would also allow people to change jobs much more easily.

3) Once again, a universal jobs program. The rules in certain states which force former employers to pay salaries for months or years after an employee has been laid off are understandable but ultimately a very bad idea. This should also be financed through normal taxes and government investments.

Those that believe that socializing health care or "last resort" jobs is bad for business need to seriously rethink their positions.

Left-leaning critiques of business-unfriendly states

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After much intensive Googling, I was unable to come up with any Liberal/Social Democratic/Progressive or even Heterodox critiques of any of the states that are on the "more difficult" end of the business startup scale. There's a reason so many companies are incorporated in Delaware; I'd like to see some non-Republican or Libertarian analysis of it.

I also Googled for many variations of things like "advantages to incorporating in New York", "reasons to incorporate in New York", "reasons to incorporate in New York rather than Delaware" and came up with goose eggs. Bloomberg/New York SBS, what gives? analysis

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“ is probably written by a male somewhere between 66-100 years old.”

Almost four decades wrong, but funny.

“The writing style is academic and upset most of the time. “


Has America gone mad?

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I have more than once considered just how jaded I am, then I read new things  displaying such irrationality, such ignorance, such bigotry, and such plain stupidity that simply shock the senses that I realize that I am not even close to jaded enough. These qualities are displayed by members of just about every group you’d care to mention.

Molly Ivins was so very, very right.

This is hardly the first time someone has mentioned this, as this sort of thing has happened many times in the past, and these things likely have been bubbling under the surface for a long time, but the Great Recession, the globalization of capital, further atomization of individuals, and power shifts all around have really brought much of this to a head. I wonder if this is all a collection of (admittedly large) number of individual datapoints, or whether it represents a  nadir of social cohesion.

Dutch MP on trial for “inciting religious hatred”

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Is this a complete and total joke? Not able to criticize religion? Religion is a choice, like political party, favorite color, or favorite dessert. It’s an acquired quality; it’s human created, and by choice, so should be open to criticism, mockery, re-use in art, anything. How long ago was it that Giordano Bruno was executed? How long ago was Diderot imprisoned? That the Enlightenment happened? ” Next, the words of Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris will be criminal.

This is one of the perils of putting blind, brainless multiculturalism ahead of free speech. The Netherlands, formerly a bastion of freedom, is going down the path of madness.

Dutch MP on trial for “inciting religious hatred”