Political Industrial Music artist Opir's

(created by Spencer Thomas) first album, America: 25 years in review album deals with some of the most pressing issues in America and of our time and how they came to be: the rise of the new Republican party and its dangerous mix of ideas; the weakness and servility of the Democratic party, along with its inability to properly serve as a check on Republican power; the disastrous war in Iraq; the failed Drug War; the perniciousness of domestic terrorist and militant groups; the increasing power of the media, and how it largely lost its way as a check on corporate and government power; our toxic combination of Neoliberal Market Fundamentalist economic policies, quasi-Corporatism, and Crony Capitalism; the new resurgence of religious fundamentalism, and its radical, sometimes violent supporters who wish to create a Christian theocracy in the United States of America; and the strengthening of the surveillance state and the difficult balancing act between security and liberty. It's an album for a very divided nation at a serious crossroads in its history.

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"A thoughtful reflection on America's politics from the rise of Reagan to present day. Opir's polished, caustic soundscapes, rhythmic textures, distorted samples, and dark ambient industrial beats recall Frontline Assembly, Hocico, Mentallo & the Fixer, and Muslimgauze. Beneath the visceral, corrosive auditory assault and dancefloor appeal of each track lies a richly-contextualized political message" - Coilhouse

"In a landscape of tawdry, generic, dull and formulaic electronic music designed to maximise revenue for minimal outlay of effort, you have pushed the boundaries and produced something remarkable. Harsh, difficult listening, with a thought provoking message and an underlying, ominous sense of dread." - Recent comment on YouTube

Latest news: We are now live on Earbits, a slick new streaming radio service for indepedent artists. We also recently reached 1300 fans on Jango, and have also gotten some great comments. You can read them here. New material is also being worked on. (2012-05-29)

We've just released a new song on Bandcamp: Our Restive Zeitgeist about extant protest
movements around the world. (2011-11-16)

We're in the Coilhouse Issue 06 ad post and will be in the print issue as well. (2011-06-07)

We just passed 2000 listeners on last.fm (2010-05-07)

Working on new material. Updates soon. (2011-04-27)

We are finally live on Spotify.

Opir and Machinima artist/musician Ray Koefoed recently collaborated on a song called "Oubliette", which you can listen to here. All music is by Opir, and all vocals and lyrics are by Ray Koefoed. You may view more of Ray's videos on his YouTube channel.
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